Ready for an adventure? Sweet, I can't wait! I recommend carefully reading this section before contacting me so you’re already in the know when you do.

As I’m sure you understand, I must screen all new inquiries before we make our date.  Making your booking in advance ensures I am able to screen properly and reserve the time you request.  The more information you are able to provide up front, the more efficiently I may screen, and the faster I am in your arms.


Any information you share with me is confidential.  Your right to privacy and discretion is of utmost importance to me, as is my well-being; both of these things are necessary for us to enjoy our time together. Because I check ID with all new friends, please provide me with accurate information. I am selective about who I meet, prioritizing friends who are polite, respectful, and forthcoming in their communications with me.

Some frequently asked questions–


Are you for real?

Absolutely yes! I am the lady in the photos and the author of all text you read on this site. My photos are recent (March, 2017). I consider providing an ingenuous, lively, and exquisite experience my art.


Where are you located? 

I am based in beautiful Chicago, a stone’s throw from downtown.


What can I expect when we first meet?

If this is our first meeting I will ask to see ID. Please leave your patronage tacitly in my view at the beginning of our date. Beyond that, I think you’ll find me warm, inquisitive, and fun right away!


Are you available to travel?

I am! Please contact me for more information.


What is the best way to contact you?

My preferred method of contact is email, either through my booking form or by emailing me directly at laelawhite[at]protonmail dot com. I try to respond within 24 hours, although because I respond to all emails personally, sometimes my response may take a little longer.


Why have you not responded to my email?

I only respond to thoughtful, legitimate inquiries that give me a sense of who you are. One line missives, emails that mention lewd acts, emails that imply illegal activity, pestering emails, and emails after I’ve declined a meeting will go unanswered.


What if I need to cancel our plans?

I understand from the experience of living that sometimes life happens and plans must change. If you find you need to cancel our visit, please inform me as soon as possible. I will be happy to reschedule our time, but I will require a 50% deposit to hold a new date.


Can you tell me more about yourself? What are some things you enjoy?

I love meeting new people and learning new things. I regularly attend plays, concerts, comedy shows, and exhibits. Few things are better than a great meal, and I’m always interested in trying new restaurants or exotic cuisines, especially if there is seafood involved. I love my city, so if you’re ever interested in a recommendation for something for us to do together in Chicago, I’m happy to oblige. I adore baseball & the quickest way to my heart is to take me out to a game! As I’m sure you can tell, I am very active and enjoy running, yoga, Pilates, and kettlebells. A few of my special indulgences are Henri Bendel and diptyque candles, dry rosés, and rare black teas. Gifts are not expected by always deeply appreciated. If you’re so inclined, you can find my wishlist here: